About us

SC TERRA SILVA SRL was established in 2005 and has its registered office at Craiova, Drobeta Street, No.138, being registered at the Trade Register J16 / 2189/2005 and having the unique fiscal registration number RO 18089362.
The company has stores in multiple locations :
- Albesti village, Com. Simnicu de Sus - deserted by wood
- Com. Malu Mare - wood store
- Com. Dabuleni - wood store
- Com. Cerat - wood warehouse and timber factory
Besides Forestry and Afforestation as its main activities ( CAEN code 0210 ), the company also provides design, retail of food and non-food products, construction and timber production.
The company received the environmental permits necessary to carry out the activity without causing any environmental impacts.
The company is certified by SR EN ISO ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM from 12.07.2008, and by FSC from 20.02.2014.

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