Solid wood interior doors

We are manufacturing solid wood poplar interior doors of different sizes and models according to customer's desire.

Our doors are made to order with Romanian raw materials, which makes them fit your requirements according to the door gap you have. This avoids further changes due to the adaptation of standard-size doors on the market. Doors generally make the house more beautiful, so we consider that the doors in a house are just as important as the furniture, which is why we always make progress in terms of quality, at the same time we bring our contribution to the beauty of your home.

usi din lemn plop

Solid poplar elements for furniture


Solid poplar elements for furniture


Poplar wood panels

We sell from stock or on request core boards for large poplar logs. The boards are made in our own factory being of the best quality, made of dry wood, much of the factory production goes to export

panouri din lemn de plop


cherestea de vanzare

We sell from stock or on request poplar timber, various sizes.

Saw logs

We sell poplar logs for sawlogs.

Within the stock available in our own warehouses we can provide you with poplar logs for thicknesses and different lengths according to your needs.

busteni de plop pentru gater


lemne pentru foc

We provide a range of firewood packed or bulk according to the size and quantity required.

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