Wood Processing

Wood is one of the most used and most valuable materials in the furniture industry, being relatively inexpensive and subject to very different machining, treatment and finishing. Thus, it can be painted, carved, lacquered, gilded, handmade or with various mechanical tools and devices, and by certain thermal treatments it is possible to obtain predetermined, definitive shapes, which will be maintained even after its cooling.

Besides massive wood, in the furniture industry, a series of semi-finished products are used as raw materials, each of which is subject to specific organoleptic and physico-mechanical checks in order to obtain a finished product of quality furniture according to the standards, technical rules or contracts.

Debitare material lemnos
Debitare material lemnos 2

DEBITATION represents the group of operations whereby rectilinear curvilinear contours are provided with additional machining required for further processing; the cutting of the timber consists of marking, cutting, cutting and cutting the material made with saws of various types. Residues and sawdust resulting from the cutting, cutting and cutting of the material is a pollution factor for the environment.

The assembly of the elements by gluing, due to their adhesive properties, is intended to combine the two-piece fabrics. It can be an olfactory and tasteful pollution factor for the joining employee.

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